If you have a company which operates a website, the importance of having a blog is just too high. It is the unofficial PR person. A blog with solid content can quickly build a community raving fans. It can get people to be more engaged and informed. Instead of spending a ton of money on expensive ad budgets, clever content marketing strategies can actually grow a company’s customer base. Add to this the fact that a blog can showcase your company in a light that YOU control (as opposed to that in the media) and you can really begin to see how powerful this medium is.

When I was working at Jabong, some plans to setup a company blog were underway. But due to certain reasons, no one ever got to the point of publishing posts on it. I had however been doing my homework in case the project was launched and had done some research, searching for possible ideas for writing content on a company blog. They have been listed below but all of them might not apply to your blog.

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  1. Staff profiles.
  2. Answer questions which everyone is asking. This could be an exhaustive list of F.A.Qs building over time.
  3. Case studies. At the risk of leaking important functions to competitors, public case studies emphasizes transparency in the company.
  4. Disagreeing with a popular opinion. Stirring up controversy can always drive people to your company’s blog.
  5. Customer stories. Getting a happy customer to speak about their experience with your company can do a lot of good in building a brand to reckon with. Seek permission from happy customers
  6. Informational posts or How-tos. You could write a series of posts explaining customers or casual readers how to make most out of your product or service. For Jabong, writing a How-to on choosing products, coming up with better style statements, “what to wear” guides could do very well.
  7. Random Tips. Informational posts usually require a lot of time and research and if you don’t have that kind of patience, giving a random tip every now and then would be a better idea.
  8. Behind the scenes stories. Every company has little stories which though trivial make for interesting reading. These stories when shared make a company seem more human. It helps you stand out. Write a behind-the-scenes post about some interesting problem you or your employees face and how they tackle them.
  9. Videos. If a painting is worth a thousand words, a video is worth a million! Use the power of video to showcase your company and your products in the best possible way in the eyes of investors and customers.
  10. Regular features. Every company blog should have regular features to keep customers updated about important things and milestones. For a lifestyle products store like Jabong, it could be things such the number of products online, new employees, etc. Another feature could be “Fashion look of the week/season”.
  11. Think beyond words. True, words are powerful when it comes to arousing emotions in a reader. But you know what’s more powerful? Images. And you know what’s even more powerful? A combination of words and images. Compiling industry information, statistics,
  12. Celebrity Interviews. There are leaders in every industries and having someone over to your blog for an interview is a great idea. Try and contact the big-wigs in your industry (ours is the fashion world which is loaded!). You might be surprised how many agree.
  13. Doing a survey or poll. Asking readers to give their opinions on products, trends, etc. could make for interesting reading and throw up enlightening facts about one’s perception in the world.
  14. Digging up industry secrets. Another buzz stirrer, giving your customers sweet inside information about your industry could make for another interesting post.
  15. Share your brand values or vision. If you have big plans for your business or something which makes you different from the competition, share it.
  16. Hiring policies. A humorous take on what you look for in candidates while hiring could help you attract better talent.
  17. Contests! This is my personal favorite. There is nothing better than holding a contest with a fat, juicy reward. Contests can REALLY drive readership and engagement to record levels provided the prize is something worth fighting for.


Have some fun along the way.