This post will be a mix of thoughts on a variety of subjects because I have not posted anything in a while so every little things which is roaming inside my head will come out. Unedited because I’m a trifle lazy in this chilly winter.

It’s another new year. 2012 is gone now. It will never come back. Ever again. The smart and ideal thing to do now would be to forget everything that happened in 2012 so that we can make room for 2013. However, that’s not quite possible with everything. You can forget small details but you cannot forget whole chapters.

We as Indians will forget about the trivial bounces on the stock market, political stories, which Bollywood movies earned a 100 cr and which flopped. But we won’t forget the horrific incident which happened on 16 dec in which a girl was brutally assaulted.

At least I hope that we don’t forget about it.

I will soon forget what I had done for the greater part of the year because it was mostly small errands every now and then. Nothing important. But I will not forget that I had gone on a holiday to Dubai or I that I had taken up a full time job and quit it 2 months later.

2 Lessons I learnt in 2012

Never sit idle

This was the single most important lesson that I learnt throughout the year. Sitting idle is destructive and unhealthy. It tires you more than working. It is harmful for your mind, body and soul. Keeping yourself occupied with productive work is the one thing that will help you live life to the fullest because as they say, the journey is the reward.

Forget the past and move on

I spent a lot of months ruminating on past mistakes and this is the one conclusion that I have arrived at. It’s very healthy to forgive and forget the past. What good can come from meditating on things which are no more? I have done it and it leads nowhere. It’s like driving car by looking at the rearview mirror – you are bound to crash! So I will urge you to forgive and forget.

There are probably tons of other things that I learnt but I can only think of these two for now. I hope you get my point.


I am feeling quite excited. 2012 was a bad year. So I am going to work really hard and make 2013 a great year. Should I set some goals and try and follow them like I did last year? Naah. I suck at following the goals. I can’t even remember the last time I looked at this list and thought of completing it. Sure, goal setting works for some people but it sure doesn’t work for me. I like to take life as it comes and not plan it out in one hour. Not much fun then. The magic is ruined. So no goals. There’s another side to it though – if you are successful in checking of some of the tasks on a list, then it does feel nice and proud. I’m gonna go ahead and compile a list of things I want to own, achieve and contribute this year. I think that will require a new post.

However, I will also try and set some simple directions for myself or basic rules which I will try and adhere to everyday incase I lose track of the list that I make. Stuff like exercise, work hard, socialize, meditate, read and write, and participate more.