It’s been six days since I came to Pune and I haven’t felt a moment drag by. It’s all flown by  in the eternity of history quite quickly.

I came to this specific city out of the million other ones in India because I had a good experience the last time I was around. I had a bit of money saved up in the good ol bank account and had some good freelancing work coming my way so I thought, why not travel and work at the same time? Thanks to a supportive and loving family which lets me do what I want, I came here. Plus I had a few good friends in town too so company was also not a problem. So how has the experience been so far?

It’s been quite good actually. I won’t compare it to last time because things are always awesome the first time around and a bit less awesome the second time. Needless to say, I am having a pretty good time this time too. The only bad part is that I have a minor stomach ailment which prevents me from eating and drinking a lot in random pubs and street corners. And it’s a bit hot. Last time, the weather was fantastic. Cool winds and rains.

I am currently sitting in a coffee shop because I didn’t want to work from where I am staying (a generous friend’s place). I tried searching for things to do in and around Pune, you know get to know the city a bit. I found a few temples, some sight seeing places, a couple of museums. But the hot weather deters me from venturing forth.

I plan for the next few days is not decided. I might go to Mahabaleshwar, a small hill station about 140 kms from here  with a couple of friends. Or I might go to Goa which is a 10 hour bus journey away. Or I might stay in Pune though I am less keen on that. Again, it’s a weather I think.

I’ll stop writing right now because the writing is not coming off nicely. It’s rather dry and uninspired. My goal for this trip was to patch up with a couple of friends, explore, meet new people and get inspired.  I want to actually see if travelling can inspire you. Let’s hope some of them are fulfilled.