I have been in Pune for about 17 days now and I have eaten at some pretty decent places in the city. Here are some of the places I remember. Most of them are nice places to dine.

(I am writing this post because I feel demotivated and I read somewhere that you should try and help someone else so this is my good deed for the day)

Burger Barn Cafe

If you feel like having a nice, juicy burger, then this is the place for you. They have a nice selection of burgers on the menu and each one is excellent. Better than McDonald’s in terms of quality and price IMO.

Malaka Spice

They serve excellent south asian food. I went there with my girlfriend on a candlelight birthday dinner and we had some really excellent Thai food. The drinks could’ve been a bit better though. The open spaces are just too soothing. Go there if you like to dine under an open sky.

Polka Dots

A small eatery, I really liked their iced tea and chicken sandwiches. This place also whips out some crazy lasagna and other Italian dishes.

Hidden Place

Hidden Place is to Pune what Route 04 or TC is to Delhi. Classic rock music, cheap booze and delicious food. Try going around 7-7:30, the crowd is much better.

Burger King (Desi version at ABC Farms)

An obscure joint, they serve succulent burgers too if you are looking for a quick snack. Beware though, their jumbo chicken burger is quite huge so go for the mini burger.


Perfect for home deliveries, you can order marvellous, tasty wraps from this place. Avoid the chicken/rice combos – the quality is variable.

Alishan Caterers

If you happen to find yourself near Aundh (which is where I lived), then be sure to eat the Tava Chicken from this joint. It was literally one of the best chicken dishes I had eaten. Toothsome.

M.M. Restaurant

The food is okay but their USP is quantity. They want to kill you with food, seriously. Try ordering and finishing a plate of Chole Bhature or a Masala Dosa.

Sheesha Jazz Cafe

One of my favourite restaurants in the city. Jazz music, plants all over the place, an easy, loungy cafe. Plus excellent, reasonably priced food. Go there for a late lunch, when the weather is pleasant. It’s like sitting in some exotic Middle Eastern country, eating exotic Middle Eastern food.

Aasing’s Restaurant – Burger Joint

Yet another popular burger place on Law College Road (beside Subway). Don’t get fooled by the simple equipment and bare van because they serve tender, juicy burger for 50 bucks a pop.

Just Baked

Found out about them from Zomato. It’s a nice bakery with some tasty treats but I’ve had better.

Coffee Points (Near SB Road, FC Road)

20 bucks for a small glass of delicious cold coffee. There are several small joints in and around these roads which whip up this excellent coffee. Be sure to try it out!

Costa Coffee

I used to go there when I was alone and wanted to work on my business. A nice joint but the food was a bit overpriced.

Cafe Goodluck

An excellent dining place for lunches and dinners if you do not mind a bit of the desiness which I seem to love. The mutton keema and bun maska is simply awesome. If you’re in Pune, have at least one of your lunches at this place.


One of the many coffee places that you see here and there. Nice ambience and food.


A tiny bakery, I had read a lot of good reviews but the cheesecake that I had eaten was okayish. Nothing out of the world.


The cake from Birdy’s was literally out of the world. Yum.

Skips Cafe

Supremely good breakfast here. Wake up on a Sunday morning and come here to eat your breakfast. It will leave you with a nice, warmish feeling.


Definitely one of my most favourite places in all of Pune, Basho’s is an open air, garden style cafe with excellent food on the menu. It has a lot of greenery, low seating on cushions and superb music to keep your mood uplifted. We ordered 5 odd dishes and ALL of them were delicious. It’s a shame I came here on the last day!