I have started yet another project – www.birandevimodihospital.org

I had started this website on 23rd March, 2013. I intend to chronicle the development, growth and benefits (if any) that this website provides to the hospital, the poor and people who need medical attention.

The idea

The idea is to create and market a new website for a charitable, non-profit hospital that has been maintained by our family in Hapur since 1943. It has provided extremely cheap healthcare services to all those who need it. I thought it would be a good idea to create a website for the hospital and create awareness about it online. At this point, I am really not sure where it will lead to eventually.

The challenges

  1. Dealing with skepticism, the naysayers, the cynical folks is always a huge challenge.
  2. Many have expectations with the website. If I tell them not to expect, they might not cooperate.
  3. Hospital staff and doctors are shit busy with their regular routines. Why would they let a random weird wander around, clicking photos of farmers and their little kids or their already troubled patients? That too for a website? Who will use a website in Hapur?
  4. The website is currently only in English. For the rural folks to derive any benefit from it, I need to convert it into Hindi, the local language. Converting it to readable, meaningful Hindi is a huge challenge at this moment. Instead of using Google Translate, which often spews out really bad Hindi, I would prefer getting human translations done.
  5. Then the challenge of doing it in a small, rural town where getting volunteers is hard to come by. There are other minor problems which I will discuss later.
  6. My own self-motivation often dwindles so keeping myself motivated to see this through till the end is difficult, especially if you are not accountable to anyone. People often ask what I am doing with my life and I already know what they are thinking. In an ideal world, I would say to hell with what you’re thinking mate, I know I’m right. But it’s difficult to be idealistic. I’m trying though.

Work done so far

Work seems to be progressing at a nice, slow and steady rate. Been continually working on the hospital website as I had initially planned, instead of leaving it midway (let’s hope the work continues).

I have done the following things in a span of about 18 days:

From 23rd-30th March:

  1. Installed and setup WordPress to power the website. Cost – 0$
  2. Researched and found a suitable WordPress theme. Cost – 40$
  3. Started logo design contests to attract designs. Cost – 90$.
  4. Hired a freelance designer to work on a logo. Cost – 5$
  5. Started a Facebook page. It currently has 44 likes. Cost – 0$
  6. Clicked 30 odd photos of the hospital and some of its doctors. Cost – 0$
  7. Captured the story of a poor man who is currently being treated free of cost. Cost- 0$
  8. Setup dummy posts to fill the website. Cost 0$
  9. Started a thread on digital point to ask for help if and when needed. Cost – 0$
  10. Looked at some donation options that can be used. Cost 0$

From 1st April to 10 April:

  1. Slowly removing dummy content with the real goods. Cost – 0$.
  2. Setup donate, volunteer, about us, medical services, facilities, our doctors pages. Cost  – 0$
  3. Installed Google Analytics to track visitors on the website.
  4. Submitted hospital information to Google Maps.
  5. Published a lot of content for the above-mentioned pages.
  6. Published our first blog post on top healthcare NGOs in India. Cost – 7$

Total money spent so far: 142$ or Rs. 7810.
Total time spent so far: About 2 hours a day = 36 hours.

I am a graduate from Delhi University so my billable rate could easily be a minimum of around 15$/hour. That works out to be around 540$. Not bad.


I could’ve saved some money on the logo design – that went too far. Other than that, I need to make better and more judicious use my time and resources. I currently multi task with my ongoing projects and squeeze in time for this website when I am free. I will try a different approach and see if I can accomplish more. I need to set days when I just work on this website. Maybe twice or thrice a week.

I will try that out for the next month.

Future Goals for April

  1. Publish 10 blog posts (different types – related to the hospital, healthcare industry, non-profit sector, development issues in UP, non profits in UP, etc) and share on social media.
  2. Research and come up with a list of blogs for guest blogging.
  3. Increase Facebook fan following to 100 fans.
  4. Visit the hospital and gather information about services listed on medical services page.
  5. Meet all doctors privately and ask for feedback, ideas, content.
  6. Create more profiles of people who need support from people like you. Connect donors with receivers.
  7. Work on a long term plan perhaps.

Progress report – April.