I have everything. Yet something is missing.

I have money, time and energy. Excess of it.

I have opportunities and I have bright ideas. A plenty.

I have knowledge, education and good support.

I know that if I set my mind on anything, I can do it.

Then why am I not doing anything powerful?

I believe that to be content, one must follow one’s heart with courage and ignore the naysayers.

I have all the possible basic needs taken care of. God bless my loving family and friends.

Yet, I am not achieving what I’m supposed to be achieving.

I am not being able to create real value in society. I come up with ideas but I fail to execute them. I seem to have frozen. I seem to have become too distracted by mundane details in life.

Like what to wear, what to eat, where to go, whom to meet, what to say and when to sleep.

I have got so caught up in all these pesky little details that I have forgotten how to look at the big picture and how to get things done.

Maybe this is what they say living life is.

Maybe this is what they call struggle. When you know what the destination is, you know where you currently stand, and you know what lies ahead. All that you need to do is walk. Make your path. Fight for it. Take it by all means, good or bad.

What should motivate me? Sometimes, it’s money. Sometimes it’s the feeling that you’re doing something good for others. That you’re serving. Sometimes, it’s the feeling that your family and friends will be proud of you. Sometimes, you feel you will accumulate good Karma and be happier.

However, I know all these motivations are secondary. They are fleeting and temporary. They are opinions that change with time.

Do I need to ground myself in something more eternal. Something that stays with me, no matter what season. Maybe this chase and search for the eternal will ground me firmly and make me move instead of keeping me frozen in paralysis.