What if social media was invented a few decades before? What would happen?

Mahatma Gandhi would call a meeting of his aides to discuss the Dandi March:

“Nehru, what do you think should we do?”

“Wait, did you see this troll of Lord Irwin. This guy is killing it. Let me just like this post. Sorry, what were you saying?”, Nehru would probably reply, with half his attention diverted  into his swanky iPhone.

Instead of fighting for a free India, people might have been busy commenting, tweeting, liking, posting. I doubt if all that activity on social media would make any real difference. I have yet to come across of stories which caught the fancy of people on Facebook and Twitter and made an impact at solving real world problems. Yeah, we have become aware but have we become frozen due to this?

Or if during the World War, Hitler commanded one of his Generals to plan an attack on Russia. What if that dude was busy posting a picture of the SS on Instagram?

I doubt great things could’ve happened. Social media seems to be such a distraction right?

Yet, I am on it. Sharing my useless blog posts with you guys. What an irony!