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According to my initial plans, here’s a list of goals that I had outlined in my previous post.

Goals for April 2013

  1. Publish 10 blog posts (different types – related to the hospital, healthcare industry, non-profit sector, development issues in UP, non profits in UP, etc) and share on social media.
  2. Research and come up with a list of blogs for guest blogging.
  3. Increase Facebook fan following to 100 fans.
  4. Visit the hospital and gather information about services listed on medical services page.
  5. Meet all doctors privately and ask for feedback, ideas, content.
  6. Create more profiles of people who need support from people like you. Connect donors with receivers.
  7. Work on a long term plan perhaps.

Status of goals

  1. Published three blog posts. Gave up after that realizing that other goals were more important before I began working on the blog.
  2. Guest blogging also took a backseat due to limited time and prioritizing other goals.
  3. Facebook fan page has 57 fans as of writing this. Paused social media activities.
  4. Major progress on this goal. Updated the website with all the medical services that the hospital currently provides. Click this to read.
  5. Met the doctors. They are not super thrilled about the idea yet because they are not aware about the power of technology. Decided I will work myself on the content, beg borrow and steal ideas from other hospital websites, and then take feedback of the doctors. Have listed detailed information on 12 medical services.
  6. Did not create more profiles due to lack of participation from current hospital management. Pause on this.
  7. Ideas for long term planning are generated but not executed due to limited manpower (I am working on this alone for now).

Apart from these, another interesting development happened. I managed to meet a person  who is associated with Rotary International, one of the largest non-profits in the world. This person worked closely with the hospital administration to secure donations for the dialysis wing. He assured me that securing more funds and resources to develop other medical facilities was not difficult and only needed time and patience.

Not bad. Considering my earlier ideas (Pottyfied), I have not yet given up on the hospital website and am continuously working on the website, meeting new people and coming up with ideas to develop the site.

Two observations so far:

  1. A website can help an organization to get excellent web presence. However, the website is only a part of the whole. There are still many pieces missing in the overall puzzle which will take time to fill out. I will have to reach out to other influencers – online/offline for the hospital to benefit.
  2. Creating a powerful website for an organization takes more than just one person. Participation from the administration is critical. The major challenge I face is that the administration of this hospital, is mostly not tech savvy. They are not really that active online.

Goals for May

To be decided.