This post highlights my “do-or-die” policy of getting things done when I want to or when they have been lying undone for a long time. This letter was supposed to go out a week back but somehow, I just kept postponing it because I wanted to research how to send proposals when you are asking for help.

Whether I should do this or that. So I did all kinds of searches on Google.

But I never really got down to doing the act and using my common sense. So today, on a Sunday afternoon, I just whipped up an email, said what needed to be said, kept it concise, didn’t use any textbook techniques, no copywriting advice, simply and boldly asked for help and invited their cooperation. I didn’t wait to collect a whole list of agencies to whom I would send one email and hit a shot in the dark. I will do it one by one.

This is a copy of an email that I had sent to the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation



My name is Prateek Modi and I am currently associated with a charitable hospital based in Hapur, UP, India. It is a not for profit organisation registered as a trust. I work as a volunteer there and have been trying to connect with other agencies who are also working to improve public healthcare.
Our hospital has been providing quality healthcare since 1943 and even today, the OPD fee is only Rs. 30. Even this fee is waived off for those who cannot afford it.
The name of the hospital is Smt. Biran Devi Modi Hospital and you can also visit our new website –
I was researching online about various agencies, foundations and organisations and quite obviously, came across yours. It’s a world-famous organisation and your work in the field of HIV and AIDS is amazing. I was wondering if there’s a possibility of us working together wherein you can train people in our hospital in dispensing care to those who are affected with this or any other illness that you work in?
We are situated in a small town so access to training and talent is difficult which is why I have to send such cold mails to as many people as I can. I hope you will pardon this intrusion on my behalf and take it positively.
Even if you cannot run a training program, maybe we can do an event together in our hospital? It will really help us in getting a message across to the people and administration of our city and the state about the urgency in tackling healthcare more proactively. Your organisation has pledged to help our state in improving healthcare facilities so you will understand where I am coming from. Doing an event will help us accomplishing several things –
1. Get more donations that we critically need to upgrade our medical facilities and hire more doctors.
2. Raise awareness about such important issues. Collaboration with an internationally recognised organisation can help us attract more talent.
I really don’t know if someone at your end is going to be reading this email, or whether it will end up in the trash/junk folder. But I sincerely hope that even someone does read it, then we can work collaborate on a project.
Best Regards,
Prateek Modi.
Let’s what happens next. Meanwhile, I’ll try and keep this blog updated about my work at the hospital, which has been as slow as ever.