I have been wanting to run on the road ever since I’ve passed out of Welham, back in 2008. That was the last I ran in a half marathon. I had been thinking about it since forever but since I’d been constantly travelling and living in Hapur, it didn’t seem feasible.

It so happened that one of my colleagues recently signed up for Airtel’s Half Marathon scheduled for 15th December, 2013. I thought he was joking and assumed he was just doing it for fun. However, when he came to office late the next day and told us how he got up at 6 in the morning to run 7 KM, it really inspired me.

airtel 2

You see, I thought I was the disciplined fitness freak but here was a guy, quite overweight and very unlikely to run the race. But he had shown a side of himself which I didn’t know.

So, I signed up too.

I don’t know if it was a stupid, impulsive decision, but signed up.

This series will describe my personal training, mental outlook, physical changes, etc. during the 10 week long training program. If I’m able to complete it, I’ll hopefully be fit enough to run the half marathon. Even if I don’t complete it, I’m certain there will be some lessons to learn.

Watch this space for more.