After months of deliberation, I have finally decided to quit my job at Drizzlin Media and work on something of my “own”.


The reasons are:

1. Do something of my own in the long term

Looked at more closely, this really is no reason. Yes, there were others who called most of the shots at Drizzlin but I had enough freedom to do things my own way.

Perhaps, it was the realisation that whether you work in someone else’s company or you your own company, you need great amounts of focus and effort to get somewhere. From a long term perspective, the returns you get from growing your business are definitely higher.

2. Helpout with the family business

I already have a family business setup. And I have many cousins who are currently not working too much on it. There is constant tension in the family due to the lack of a growing business and under-employed children. Hence, why not make something great with their help?

3. Be a free bird

Yes, I think this trait of mine influenced me yet again to fly away. Its hard for me to be caged.

What next?

My goal before coming to Drizzlin was to understand how a typical job works. Get some formal work experience. However, the experience at Drizzlin (I’ve been told from people who’ve worked in MNCs) is not the typical work ex. It’s much more dynamic.

The goal though has been completed. I did lots of work and enjoyed every moment of it. There were some incredibly tough times which took me to the deepest sides of my personality (again), but I persisted.

My next goals are more ambitious. Broadly:

To take my family’s business to new heights.

To create something really special in the field of education, using technology and the digital medium.

To prove to myself that I can start and finish great things on my own, with a little help from my friends.

To practice and apply Buddhism and help other people become happier, through my own example.

More on this as I start working hard to give my dreams reality.