The other day, I was thinking about what the purpose of life is, while taking a shower when a strange but seemingly simple way of understanding it, came in my head. Three dots called Buddhism, Hinduism and Math connected. Very interesting, how different fields can connect.


The simplest and most profound element of Math are numbers while the simplest function is counting (0,1,2,3….∞).

The simplest, most profound element of life are humans.

If we mapped a number, to a person with the function “taking care”, would this idea hold?


For ease of argument, I’ve divided a man’s journey into 4 phases according to the Hindu way of life – student life, householder life, retired life and renunciant life. At birth, which is “0”, we don’t take care of anybody, we’re being taken care of.

Phase 1: Student

We start as a child, taking care of ourselves (this usually happens when we’re a student, learning about life).

Our graph hits “1”.

Phase 2: Man

When one is married or gets a job, they start taking care of their wives and children and clients (yes its a marriage with clients also, coming from an advertising background) thus becoming more responsible.

Their graph hits 2,3,4…, where their appetite for love and life => size of their family and business.

Phase 3: Retired Man

Depending on the type of social circle one has lived and moved around in, a person graph grows depending on how much they “care” for their particular circle(s). It can be friends one keeps in touch with, family one loves, coworkers/teammates one takes care of. For most of us, the graph stagnates when we retire from life.

Phase 4: Liberated Man

Most 95% of humans, they stop growing after 60-70 years of age. However, if we keep adding numbers to our graph i.e caring and loving for more and more people, it will gradually tend to ∞. In simpler terms, if we’re growing physically, mentally and spiritually throughout life, taking care and loving more and more people, even outside our comfort zones and social circles, we will eventually become enlightened, hence naturally taking care of all life (the general definition of God).

  1. The same argument must hold for the negative direction – 0,-1,-2,….∞. Hence if a person tends to move in the negative zone, he will eventually merge with the devil, or better, their body and minds will take on devilish functions.
  2. The magnitude of happiness or sadness one derives in life, while moving forward or receding backwards, depends on the amplitude of love they spread.


Hence, the goal and purpose of life is being happy.

Phew. That looks like a complex way to arrive at a simple conclusion. The mind is a strange thing indeed! What do you think?