Hapur. Dehradun. Hapur. Delhi. Hapur. Delhi. Hapur. Surat.

It’s been more than 25 years since I was born and I seem to have shifted about quite bit. The sands of time are truly remarkable, one never knows what the future will bring.

I’m living and working in Surat these days. I had never imagined shifting to this industrial town in Gujarat. But changing aspirations, goals and dreams seem to worked their way into my destiny.

It’s a decent life that I’m leading at the moment. Unattached romantically and free to do what I please. But its quite far from home and feels alien. Its out of my comfort zone. Like they say, to grow one needs to step out of one’s comfort zone and that’s what I had planned.

The work that I’m doing is in an industry and field in which I have little experience or knowledge. Even my interest is not that deep. It’s a printing and packaging factory which manufactures boxes of all shapes and sizes. The money is decent and there is scope for growth. To keep myself interested in the work and do work that stems from my heart, I try and work each day with the belief that I’m strengthening my organisationals skills, my management skills and business skills. I try and encourage the other factory workers to work hard and work smart.

Some days are quite tough when there is no motivation to step out of bed. I have few friends in the city and few activities apart from work. I practice buddhism which still makes me meet a friend once in a while from the practice.

I have been thinking of putting more fun and energy in my life. It shouldn’t be so dry and mechanical. Even reading back on my writing feels boring. Anyhow, please forgive me if you find this self-loathing uninteresting. A man does need to vent out his feelings once in a while. This blog post itself has been sitting unpublished for the last few weeks – from the time when I first made a determination to actively write again. Apart writing for some time, I decided to give switch on the TV and laze about.

Coming home for Rakhi however have put things in a healthier perspective for me. I have begun to feel that my going to Surat should be purposeful. If I have decided to go so far from home, why not make the most out of it? Sitting and sulking is a waste of time. Life is beautiful only if you make an effort to make it beautiful.

So I have made 3 fresh determinations to act upon and move forward in life:

  1. Join a gym.
  2. Do focussed work.
  3. Become a more active buddhist.

I hadn’t joined a gym because all of them were asking for a year’s subscription and I didn’t really want to get tied for a year because I tend to get bored easy. But I’m gonna figure out a workaround and definitely join a gym next week.

My work was not focussed because I became part of the “system”. Thankfully, I have realised that and need to change from haphazard plans and executions to systematic planning and execution of goals.

As for buddhism, it has become a routine. I feel I have stopped growing and to grow, I will need to take small, consistent steps, starting with more home visits. So I have determined to do at least 3 home visits a week throughout September.