I was in three minds about planning my next venture:

  1. Digital marketing
  2. Skill development
  3. Waste management

Digital marketing – A saturated market with tons of service providers providing their services. I have fair bit of experience but starting from scratch would be the long haul. Apart from that, I gave myself 1 month to come up something innovative and relevant in this space and I’m not churning out anything interesting. Perhaps for later.

Waste management – Even though I have had an interest in this space and there’s going to be huge demand for organised waste management services, I don’t see immediate financial returns coming out of waste. And I need some financial stability before getting too adventurous. Finances are important to keep a business running and doing more research, coming up with better ideas, etc.

Skill Development – Looks quite promising to me. I would satisfy my long and old desire to do something in education. I would be solving two issues if I start a skill development company – Giving unemployed youth with better skills and training so that they can get good jobs. And providing industries and service sectors with skilled manpower to fill up their vacancies. There’s currently a huge gap in this area. Financially, sounds viable because of a bunch of government incentives to promote skilling. And there’s a lot of scope of tech intervention to improve delivery, increase scale and impact.

Imagine a 100 up-skilling labs across 100 towns and cities in UP delivering high quality course content to the youth so they can get better and better jobs? Imagine these 100 labs connected to 10 remote learning centers each, hence increasing impact 10 fold to 1000 unique locations. If I can 30 students per batch, per location, I can impact the careers of 30,000 students. If I run 3 batches in day, that is 90,000 students. If I can manage night sessions, weekend courses, 6-month or 12 month courses…the possibilities are endless.

So, skill development it is.