Learning to Fly

A personal blog by Prateek Modi

About P.M

Hello yellow fellows,

I’m a 20 something guy living in a rough noisy little town called Hapur in India.


Fortunately, I’ve been born and bred in a once respectable boarding school called Welham Boys in Dehradun. The place had been my home for 12 years of my life and most of what I’ve learnt, I’ve learnt here. It used to be a classy, civil, institution once but then this one particular asshole came and totally fucked it up.

Moving on, I have a useless degree in Math from the University of Delhi. With honours, mind you. It’s useless at least right now. Why so? Because abstract algebra and riemann integrals and partial differential equations and real analysis ain’t helping me earn a respectable living. Unfortunately, I didn’t get inspired to exercise the grey matter I’m blessed with over there. The sucky professors there have this annoying habit of turning interesting topics into a torturous living hell.

And I didn’t have the balls to drop a year and restart. So I somehow managed to scrape with the least amount of effort. These days, I am chilling. Taking a sabbatical from every unimportant thing in the world so that I can discover and pay close attention to the important things. Mostly rambling on this blog.


Currently unemployed. Part time blogger. Full time yogi. Have adequate experience as a freelance writer (about four years now).

If you have a business which needs some solid marketing, then call me. If you want to start a new interesting business but cannot find a reliable, skilled dude to partner up, call me. If you’re feeling charitable and have tons of money lying uselessly in your bank account, call me. I just might able to help you put it to good use (and no, not on beer and porn).

Why do I write on this blog?

It so happens that from time to time, I have these urges inside me which tell me to tell everyone what I am thinking. Though they are rare moments, but sometimes they are really insightful. It seems my subconscious mind seems to speak out. But mostly I’m rambling away.

I hope you enjoy reading the ramblings of P.M.

Adiós, senõr!


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