Learning to Fly

A personal blog by Prateek Modi

About Me

Hello yellow fellows,

Welcome to my blog.

I’m a 20 something guy called Prateek Modi who lives in a rough, noisy little town called Hapur (Western UP) in India.


Fortunately, I’ve been bred in a respectable boarding school called Welham Boys (Dehradun). A home for 12 years, most of what I’ve learnt, I’ve learnt here.

I also have a useless degree in Math (with honours) from the University of Delhi. It’s quite useless to me at the moment because abstract algebra, Riemann integrals, partial differential equations and real analysis aren’t really helping me earn a respectable living. Unfortunately, I didn’t get inspired enough to exercise the grey matter I’m blessed with in this field. The professors of DU turned interested topics into a torturous living hell. Somehow, I managed to scrape through college.


I’m currently working on growing a scalable and sustainable handicrafts business through www.qarigar.com.  I also have plenty of experience in many areas of digital marketing. I have worked as a freelancer for over 5 years, and professionally for about 18 months with Jabong, Drizzlin Media and TrulyMadly.

Why this blog?

It so happens that from time to time, I have these urges to share my thoughts. This blog is a collection of such thoughts, edited every now and then to remove traces of immaturity, poor grammar and illogical reasonings.

I hope you enjoy peeking into my head.

Adiós, senõr!

Note:  I try hard to ensure that my work is not crap or redundant. There's already a ton of it out there. If you feel otherwise, do give me feedback. I have an open mind and love hearing from random kind strangers.

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